Pamela Pauls’ book Pornified is about the Pornography Industry and its effect on marriages, men, women, and society.

She spoke at the Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference on December 29th, 2007 in Toronto.

She it was moving lecture that really exposed light on a subject matter that has been taboo for a long time.

The Muslim community needs to address the issue of Pornography, in terms of who is using this material, but more so in terms of why people are turning to it.

What is lacking in people’s lives?

What is missing in their social interactions and social frameworks that allows and permits people to be drawn to Porn on the internet?

Is it simply that we are mocking the pressures and trends from the dominant culture or is there other causes?

Have we made halal relationships so difficult that muslim youth have no choice, but to engage in haram activities?

Is this simply a male problem or is this indicative of larger social changes in the male female roles?

These are questions, perhaps someone has some answers?

One of the speakers at the RIS conference made a point that I thought was very relevant;

“When we close the doors of Halal. We open the doors of Haram.”

The point was made in the context of marriage and the importance of making marriage easy.


Pamela Paul’s – Pornified Book website