McDonalds – New SuperSize Me Logo

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Its the old adage – “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Here is the perfect example.

This is the old Supersize Me poster about McDonald’s

And here is the new logo. If you keeping eating that garbage this will the net result.

This should be the new McDonald’s Logo and Slogan – SuperSize Me!

If anyone still doubts and is still eating there, please see these links;

Support the Writers Guild of America Strike – 4 Cents Worth

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Support the Writers Guild of America Strike

“We Write You Wrong”

That was one of the signs carried by some of the strikers recently. This strike can be summarized this in two words – “4 Cents”.

This is how one writer summarized the situation;

“While that is a big part of the current proposal the real sticking point is the WGA’s demand that their residuals from DVD sales be doubled from four cents to eight cents per DVD unit sold. The AMPTP reacted with vociferous outrage to that demand citing that DVD revenues are the only things left that makes the enormous cost of producing features and high end TV shows worth the risk.

In a sign of union weakness that doubling of the DVD residuals demand was taken off the table the night before the picket lines went up – which caused vociferous outrage from the WGA members. Now it seems that that demand has been thrown back into the soup once again.”

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