A blow to evangelicals – Jesus Camp Pastor Haggard is Gay

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How ironic that the very person preaching morality to the evangelic masses himself was using drugs and getting serviced my gay male prostitutes?

In one scene of the movie Jesus Camp, Pastor Ted Haggard jokes about how “if you send him $1000 dollars he will not tell your wife what you did last night”. He should have used the advice on himself. This was also the same gay guy that was having weekly teleconferences with President Bush. Wonder what advice he was giving him?

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This is part of the statement from Jesus Camp’s makers on Pastor Haggard;

JESUS CAMP responds to Ted Haggard

As the directors of the film Jesus Camp we feel the need to respond to Pastor Ted Haggard’s comments on our documentary. As a co-directing team, we embark on each new project with two qualities: a healthy amount of curiosity—we’ll be living and breathing the subject for over a year—and with the utmost respect for our subjects. We make films to not just simply entertain, but as a way to learn about the myriad different lifestyles that together form the human experience. We see making non-fiction films as a way for our viewers and ourselves to connect with others.

When we heard that that Pastor Haggard has described us as having an “agenda” we were alarmed. Of course, there are plenty of filmmakers that do make films with a political or personal agenda, but our conscience is clear that we aren’t among them. We filmed with an open-mind and with a beginner’s eye (neither of us are Evangelicals) that allowed the story to emerge in a natural way.

As for accusing us of portraying our protagonists (people whom we’ve grown close to over the past year) “sinister,” this is a disturbing charge. Perhaps Pastor Haggard is projecting his own point of view on the film’s characters, as we absolutely do not see them as such, and went out of our way too make sure that they were shown in a human, three-dimensional light. The children come across as kind, passionate and intelligent. Pastor Becky Fischer is a very likeable and real person, both on and off the screen.

Pastor Haggard is the only person in Jesus Camp who has a problem with how he was portrayed, and with the film as a whole. All the others in the movie feel it is accurate and fair and are excited about people seeing it. The subjects in the film very much identify themselves as part of the Evangelical family and are hurt and stung by Pastor Haggard’s wholesale and somewhat venomous rejection of them and the film. While they do identify themselves as Charismatics and Pentecostals, they feel (and we agree) that they have much more in common with the greater Evangelical movement—their morals, values, and political beliefs—than they have differences. For Pastor Haggard to marginalize and dismiss them by labeling them a “sub-group” seems unfair, mean spirited and unproductive.

Read the full text here

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Is your Sex life normal – how big or how long?


It’s just Mechanics

Ziauddin Sardar

Published 01 January 2005

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2005: The decline of sex – Viagra is just the start: we’ll soon have pills that make you feel deep love and video games that give vibrations. Ziauddin Sardar on the masturbatory society

Is your sex life normal? The question was raised recently on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Tell us, the show asked its 20 million viewers, what turns you on, what turns you off, and what makes good sex.

The problem with such questions is that there are no “normal” answers. The normal is problematic because our ideas about sex have changed fundamentally. What constitutes normal is constantly refurbished. Its boundaries shift rapidly, and continue to shift. So what was abnormal yesterday – say, pornography – becomes normal today. And what is shunned today (say paedophilia) may just as easily become normal tomorrow.

One huge jump was provided by Viagra. In less than six years since the impotence pill came on the market, Viagra and its competitors, Levitra and Cialis, have transformed sexual norms and practices. As Meika Loe argues in The Rise of Viagra (New York University Press), it has redefined the concept of normal and changed the language of sex.

From the beginning, this was a treatment branded and marketed as normal. Impotence was called “erectile dysfunction”, or simply ED – a common condition, as the football legend Pele assured us in TV ads, but not normal. Moreover, it did not arise from psychological causes or physical damage; rather, it was a simple medical condition rectified by a pill. Suddenly, drug company surveys discovered that more than half the US adult male population suffered from ED; figures for Europe were not far behind.

So if you can’t get it up because you’re pissed, stressed out, simply not in the mood or no longer find your partner attrac- tive, you are actually suffering from a disease. And like all diseases, it must be cured. The cure is to swallow a pill and have sex no matter what, anywhere, any time, whenever. This has now become the norm.

Viagra is another step in stripping sex of all its complexity. Sex has been reduced to a simple question: for men, “how big?”; for women, “how long?”. Combine these conundrums with other features of a market economy, such as availability on demand, choice, flexibility to mix’n’match, and we have new definitions not just of sex and love but of what it means to be human.

Today, to be normal, humans have sex right up to their last breath. It’s the way to go. Sex is no longer the indulgence of the young. Nowadays, it is people over 50 who are having the most sex. With demographic shifts, high divorce rates and early retirement, the erstwhile golden generation of Sixties swingers who let it all hang out are now the “silver singles” (as they are called in America). The preoccupations of their youth have been sustained through their later years by medical enhancements. The wet dreams of 60-year-olds, who turned on to chemical enhancement in the Sixties, are a manifest example of future normality for us all.

What Viagra actually treats is loss of male power. In a confusing, depersonalising world busy reassigning status, regendering the social order, manipulating the ever-increasing demands of a commodified existence, sexual potency is the last bastion. Men, who have lost status and power almost everywhere, from workplace to home, must repair to the bedroom. Only there can they find the redemption of their true nature.

However, in an age of sexual equality, men cannot be left alone with their predicament. The other half of humanity, too, finds it is not exempt from malfunction. Just a few months ago, the disease “female sexual dysfunction” hit the headlines. But female sexuality being what it is, women probably need something more than a pill. Simple enhanced blood flow, as laboratory tests have shown, is not good enough. So a female Viagra won’t do the job as well as a vibrator or a dildo – soon to be widely and cheaply available from a Boots near you. A vibrator outperforms even a man on Viagra.

More serious aids to female performance are in the pipeline. In the next few years, patches and drugs to enhance vaginal lubrication and sensitivity will become available. A US surgeon has already patented a pacemaker-sized device which, implanted under the skin, triggers an orgasm. Last month, clinical trials for the device were approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Within a decade, it will be normal for every woman to have a perpetual orgasm whenever she wants it, wherever she needs it.

Love, too, will be available on demand. Recent research on love suggests that it consists of three basic biochemical elements. First, testosterone – which produces lust. Second, a group of amphetamine-like chemicals (dopamine, noradrenaline and phenylethylamine) produces feelings of euphoria that lead to infatuation. Third, if a relationship survives the first two rushes, a new biochemical response emerges, based on oxytocin, vasopressin and endorphins. This produces feelings of intimacy, trust and affection. Pharmaceutical companies are currently working on this third phase. So a “love pill” that modulates your subtler emotions and takes you straight to deep feelings of intimacy, trust and affection is just over the horizon. Science will fulfil the fairy tale. It will come up with a genuine love potion.

The sexual liberation of every woman and man approaches its apotheosis: availability on demand with peak performance, assured gratification and enduring emotion. But much more has been let out of the bottle. The physical and psychological barriers to sex, identified as the ultimate metaphor for all the ills of humanity, had to be overcome. The consequence is that most sexual taboos have evaporated. No matter how dark your thoughts, how unethical your desires, how absurd your fetish, everything is normal. Your desire to dress up as a stuffed toy, your dreams of having sex with obese or dead people, your obsession with plastic or rubber, your fixation with asphyxiation – all that is sexually driven is OK.

Pornography’s status as a taboo is rapidly disappearing. It has become part of the mainstream of western culture. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans had their erotica as esoterica on scrolls, pottery and frescos. Hindus have their erotic sculptures on temples. But in western culture pornography in unparalleled quantities and forms is communicated in every mass medium. Never before in history has there been so much pornography to be had by so many in such numerous ways.

Everyone is now just a click away from explicit, hard-core material. It is impossible to miss pornography on the internet because it seeks you out persistently, unannounced, at every opportunity. It is there on Channels 4 and 5, Sky and innumerable digital channels every night.

On MTV’s reality show The Real World, you can witness bisexual group sex. Explicit sex, including shots of erect penises, can be viewed on Sky’s revisionist western drama Deadwood. Michael Winterbottom’s 9 Songs, which will go on general release shortly, offers a stream of close-ups of intercourse, fellatio, ejaculation and cunnilingus. The French art-house director Catherine Breillat has pioneered the transfer of porn stars into mainstream cinema. Her new film, Anatomy of Hell, is as graphic as it is bizarre. And if that doesn’t satisfy you, you can go to a new breed of “pornaoke bars”, just opened in Edinburgh, where you can groan and grind karaoke-style to porno tapes.

When pornography becomes normal, where will we go next?

There are only two taboos left: sex with children, and incest. Attempts to “normalise” paedophilia have begun. A thesis by Richard Yuill, awarded a PhD by Glasgow University in December 2004, suggests that sex between adults and minors is a good and positive thing. Yuill’s research, based on interviews with paedophiles and their victims, “challenges the assumption” that paedophiles are inherently abusive. It is only a matter of time before other academics start arguing that incest, too, is decent and wholesome. Graphic art films and television documentaries will follow. The organisations campaigning for the rights of paedophiles will have their case for “normality” made for them.

They may then be able to take their place among the bewildering array of sexual orientations already being normalised. Once upon a time, there were heterosexuals and the love that dared not speak its name. Gay men and lesbians have long since lost their reticence. Then bisexuals, transsexuals and the “kinky” found their identity. Now we have intersexuals and the polyamorous. A few months ago, New Scientist announced the discovery, in breathless prose, of asexuals. These folk don’t like to have sex – horror of horrors – with anybody. There are even orientations within orientations. So we have such self-definition as non-op transsexual, TG butch, femme queen, gender-queer, cross-dresser, third gender, drag king or queen and transboy. In one recent episode of Channel 5’s CSI: crime scene investigation, a murder victim was said to be part of a community of “plushies”, people who enjoy sex while dressed up as stuffed animals.

It is now normal to have your breasts removed or added to, have new genitals constructed, or sprinkle a dash of hormones for the appropriate, desired effect. Things are about to become even more complex. Within a decade or so, you will be able to modify your body almost totally, as you wish. You will be able to turn off all physical signs of gender, switch off the hormones and get rid of all secondary sexual characteristics. Then you can add on the bits you wish and “sculpt” your body in any shape you like. When gene therapy becomes common, things will be even easier. Already, there are people who are experimenting with this; and a “body-mod” subculture is thriving on the internet.

What you can’t do in reality will soon be available in simulation. The emerging technology of haptics, or the telecommunication of sensation using a computer interface, will enable you to live your most horrific dreams in virtual reality. Haptic technologies simulate physical sensation of real objects and feed them to the user. The first generation of haptic technology can be experienced in certain video games for the Sony PlayStation where the joystick is used to simulate vibrations. The next generation, on its way from Rutgers University, will simulate pressure, texture and heat. Combine this with state-of-the-art graphics and some innovative software and you have a complete pornographic universe. As Eric Garland points out in the December 2004 issue of the American magazine The Futurist, among its first uses could be “pornography involving children and featuring violence”. But what’s the harm, as it is only a digitized child?

Am I the only person to wonder if the constant shifting of the boundaries of the normal, while increasing our obsession with sex, has really improved our sex lives? On the contrary, I would argue, it has led to a decline in real sex. Genuine intimacy cannot be generated through a pill. Neither can sincere, unconditional love be simulated. When sex is reduced to mechanics and endurance, there is little to differentiate it from plumbing and maintenance. When gender becomes meaningless, sex becomes empty. When sexual choice becomes an end in itself, then the end is destined to be tragic.

Sex used to be intercourse because it was part of a context, a loving relationship. When sex is just sex, without any context, what good does it do you? That is the crux of the problem. It becomes the ultimate narcissism, the sole gratification of self-love.

Welcome to the masturbatory society.

Ziauddin Sardar is editor of Futures, the monthly journal of policy, planning and futures studies

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Custom Made Jewish Porn for Arabic speakers in Saudi Arabia

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Israeli porn sites favorites of Muslim surfers

by adar shalev of ynetnews.com

August 30, 2007

jerusalem | The Israeli-Palestinian conflict apparently does not disturb Arab Internet users from consuming Israeli porn.

Operators of a number of porn sites report that between 2 percent and 10 percent of their users are from Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority. Some Israeli porn websites even go so far as to offer services in Arabic.

“We get hundreds of hits from surfers in countries where porn is prohibited,” said Gil Naftali, owner and operator of Hebrew sex site, SexV. “We don’t have an Arabic version [as some Israeli sites have] because users log in to watch photos and video clips that require no explanations.”

According to site statistics, there were more than 2,000 hits last month from Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. The average time a Saudi surfer spends on SexV is 17:23 minutes.

Nir Shahar, who manages the Israeli porn Web site, ‘Ratuv’ (Wet), said his company produces porn movies that have typical Israeli themes featuring female soldiers, female Mossad agents and policewomen.

Demand for such content is high even in countries defined as “enemy states.” The most popular video clip among Arabs is “Code Name: Deep Investigation,” which is described as “a parody dealing with the Vanunu affair, with agents investigating the affair using erotic means.”

“In the past several months we see an increase in traffic from countries that have no diplomatic ties with Israel including Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt,” Shahar said.

Due to the demand, Shahar added an Arabic version of the site. “We received many thank you messages from Arab surfers. Many if the female soldiers really serve in the IDF,” he said.

Data shows that 10 percent of the visitors to the most popular sex site in Israel, Domina, are Arabic speakers. “That is because we offer content in their language,” said Tzahi, who operates the site.

Nothing seems to stop the Saudis, not even technical difficulties. “In many places, Israel is blocked,” Tzahi said. “At times the entire suffix “.co.il” is blocked. Users connect through proxy servers and reach us that way.”

The motive behind these initiatives is purely economic, he asserts. “Ideology?” he said. “No, it’s purely business. Porn won’t bring about peace — but at least we get some money out of our enemies’ pockets.”

Pornified – Pamela Paul’s Book – Lecture with Hamza Yusuf

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Pamela Pauls’ book Pornified is about the Pornography Industry and its effect on marriages, men, women, and society.

She spoke at the Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference on December 29th, 2007 in Toronto.

She it was moving lecture that really exposed light on a subject matter that has been taboo for a long time.

The Muslim community needs to address the issue of Pornography, in terms of who is using this material, but more so in terms of why people are turning to it.

What is lacking in people’s lives?

What is missing in their social interactions and social frameworks that allows and permits people to be drawn to Porn on the internet?

Is it simply that we are mocking the pressures and trends from the dominant culture or is there other causes?

Have we made halal relationships so difficult that muslim youth have no choice, but to engage in haram activities?

Is this simply a male problem or is this indicative of larger social changes in the male female roles?

These are questions, perhaps someone has some answers?

One of the speakers at the RIS conference made a point that I thought was very relevant;

“When we close the doors of Halal. We open the doors of Haram.”

The point was made in the context of marriage and the importance of making marriage easy.


Pamela Paul’s – Pornified Book website

Pornography Statistics – Sex in Arabic

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According to the Alexa Research the No. 1 search term used at search engine sites is the word “sex”. Users searched for “sex” more than other terms such as “games,” “travel,” “music,” “jokes,” “cars,” “weather,” “health” and “jobs” combined. The study also found that “pornography/porno” was the fourth-most searched for subject.
Alexa Research

That should not be very surprising, but what is disturbing is that “Sex” used to be until recently No.1 search term in the Arabic according to Google Trends. And Egypt is the top country in which the word “sex” has been searched for during all years for which data is available. These are raw statistics no manipulation possible here.

At a 2003 meeting of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, two thirds of the 350 divorce lawyers who attended said the Internet played a significant role in the divorces in the past year, with excessive interest in online porn contributing to more than half such cases. Pornography had an almost non-existent role in divorce just seven or eight years ago.

These are statistics that should wake you up to the size of the problem.

Breakdown of the Porngraphy Statistics

Internet Pornography Statistics: 2003

Internet Filter Software—Shield Your Family from Pornography

And finally the disease has hit home. We even have a Muslim Porn star now – SAEEDA VORAJEE or Sahara Knite as she is known in the porn industry.

Sahara has received death-threats and was disowned by her parents (only her youngest brother sticks by her). The opposite reaction came from her fans, they love her and she’s considered a great talent in the porn-biz. But the reason for Sahara’s entry into porn was not to break with convention and traditional values; she was simply bored in her previous job!

“Brain Candy” – An Addiction to Visual Pornography

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The Institute For Media Education produced a report entitled The Psychopharmacology of Pictorial Pornography Restructuring Brain, Mind & Memory & Subverting Freedom of Speech, and was authored by Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D. © January 2000-2003.

Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D

These are some excerpts from here report people should find alarming;


It is largely accepted by neurologists that the brain can only process few of the millions of messages it receives each moment. “The law of strength” means that the most
intense arousal will be ‘paper-clipped’ to its stimuli and emotion and then filed away in our brain’s memory database.

Goleman, Consciousness, at 12

Adolph Hitler aimed his messages to the right brain; “propaganda must be addressed to the emotions and not to the intelligence … vicious and gruesome, with lurid photographs… sexual and physical…the masses need…a thrill of horror.”

Anthony Rhodes, Propaganda: The Art of Persuasion: World War II, The Wellfleet Press, 1987, at 12-15.

If, as the brain research documents, emotionally threatening/stimulating media bypass the neocortex and rational thought,65 then strong, right hemisphere pictures will psychopharmacologically overwhelm weaker left hemisphere speech information.

Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence, Bantam Books, New York, 1997, f 5 at.17.

How are the child sex signals unconsciously imbedded in brain, mind, emotion, memory impacting their consumers.

Neurologist Richard Restak stresses the conflicting, even warring roles of the left and right hemispheres in learning in his book, The Brain Has a Mind of Its Own: [U]nder conditions of extreme duress the limbic system is capable of overwhelming the cerebral cortex?where interpretation, judgment, and restraint are formulated.

Amen, Ibid., at 52.


It takes 3/10ths of a second for a pornographic picture or symbol to flood the organ known as the “brain” with sensory experiences that trigger a network of memories that have been misdiagnosed as “sexual” or as “lust” or even, as in Pygmalion, “love”.

These pornographic stimuli will commonly, if unconsciously, replay prior pornographic and associated sexual or sadosexual experiences.

Dr. Patrick Carnes, writing in Out of the Shadows, explained sex addiction as “a pathological relationship with a mood-altering experience.”71 By definition, all pornography viewing is sexual conduct, behavior that engenders a “mood-altering experience.”

Pornography is not like a drug, it is an endogenously processed poly drug providing intense, although misleading, sensory rewards.

Lust, that is sexual arousal, toward a real or media image, when experienced in the body (in street terms, ?brain candy?) as a drug high, poses significant danger, especially for those with an already delicate psyche. For, such chemical flooding of the brain would too often override ones cognitive thought and interfere with rational decisions to protect themselves and others.

The 2,600% Increase in Images of Children versus a 650% increase in crime and violence in sex magazines from 1954 to 1984 strongly suggests that sexualizing children is systemic to pornography and that habituation, desensitization and conditioning, leads inevitably to more violent and exploitive sadosexual scenarios and copy-cat criminal conduct.

I therefore asked, how does pornographic communication effect the brain’s three main communication functions:

to be 1) alert, awake, aware of reality; 2) to collect and store environmental information; and 3) to monitor and correct our conduct for health and well-being?

The evidence presented here finds that pictorial pornography?traditionally, graphic depictions of sex or nudity, pandered for prurient appeal, rather than for serious literary, artistic, or scientific purposes–generates noxious effects across all three performance measures.


Troj/Yusufali-A ~ a Trojan Virus that tries to stop Porn

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Arabic Trojan horse interrupts adult website surfing with message from Quran, Sophos reports

5 September 2005

Arabic Trojan horse interrupts adult website surfing with message from Koran, Sophos reports Troj/Yusufali-A analyzes the title of the window in focus looking for various words. Some of the words Troj/Yusufali-A searches for are: sex teen xx Phallus jegger Priapus Phallic Penis Exhibitionism If Troj/Yusufali-A finds one of these words in the title bar it will minimise the current window and display the following message in English along with other messages in other languages:

YUSUFALI: Know, therefore, that there is no god but Allah, and ask forgiveness for thy fault, and for the men and women who believe: for Allah knows how ye move about and how ye dwell in your homes.

The message displayed by the Trojan horse

The message displayed by the Trojan horse. Troj/Yusufali-A will continue to display messages if the offending window is left open, and after a while it displays a box in the middle of the screen containing the current time and a button ‘For Exit Click Here’. As soon as the mouse is moved the box changes to have vertical bars and the text ‘OH! NO i’m in the Cage’. The box contains LogOff, ShutDown and Restart buttons and the mouse pointer is locked within the confines of the box. All the buttons actually cause a logout. The keyboard is still useable.

Another message displayed by the Trojan horse

Another message displayed by the Trojan horse.

From Pimp To Limp – The Rise of Viagra and Impotence from Porn Addiction

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Pornography May Cause Impotence

By: S. Crawford

© Copyright 2008 The Chaparral

Posted: 12/4/06

There is an epidemic of impotence on college campuses, according to the Washington Post, and the cause may be “loose women and too much booze.” The article reports that young men can usually get sex whenever they want because, according to surveys, many young women are as likely to initiate sex as men, which removes the “age old, erotic power of the chase.” (Strange that the women as defined as the loose ones.)

When performance anxiety is paired with binge drinking and drugs it is no surprise that more and more young men are visiting college clinics. The pharmaceutical companies are well aware of this: Viagra is now using younger men in their commercials in order to attract a new customer base. However, there is an additional cause of impotence – pornography, especially internet pornography. Author Thomas A. Szyszkiewcs in his rebuttal to the Kinsey Report, writes that pornography is implicated in impotence as well as harassment and sexual crimes. Men become so desensitized to sexual stimulation after hours of viewing porn that they are often unable to sexually respond to their wives or partners.

In addition, today’s music videos often portray women in cheap, tawdry poses, with body language that grinds and pleads for the male singer, who is usually depicted as virile and pimp-like. Demeaning lyrics in most rap songs implicate women as whores. Even primetime television has increased the “rawness factor” of its sexual content which, when combined with all the other factors, provide a large number of reasons to choose from when trying to decide what exactly is the cause of this national epidemic of impotence.

Judith Reisman, PhD explains, “The proliferation of pornography into mainstream America spreads impotence as a natural outcome of moral apathy.” Men want a significant intimate emotional relationship with commitment just as women do, even though society would have us believe the opposite. The Canadian Supreme Court ruled that all pornography was toxic in 1992. Reisman says that “cures like Viagra conceal the dysfunctional and anxiety causing role played by pornography in promoting impotence.”

The Oprah Winfrey show, among others, has covered marriages affected by porn-addicted husbands, in which therapy can help restore the family. Although the Washington Post article did not offer a solution to the impotence problem, shining light on the issue can be a beginning on the path to help for many. As for the solution to too much porn on the internet; those who support freedom of speech will be a large obstacle to any attempt at controlling the porn epidemic.

The Torture Connection – Abu Ghraib Inspired Porn from Iraq

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Internet Porn dominates Saudi mobile use

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Porn dominates Saudi mobile use

Up to 70% of files exchanged between Saudi teenagers’ mobile phones contain pornography, according to a study in the ultra-conservative Muslim kingdom.

The study quoted in Arab News focussed on the phones of teenagers detained by religious police for harassing girls.

The same researcher also found that 88% of girls say they have been victims of harassment using Bluetooth technology.

Saudi Arabia has toughened penalties for misuse of mobile phones which challenge its strict social traditions.

“The flash memory of mobile phones taken from teenagers showed 69.7% of 1,470 files saved in them were pornographic and 8.6% were related to violence,” said report author Professor Abdullah al-Rasheed.He presented his study at a seminar organised by the King Fahd Security Academy, Arab News reports.Social contact between genders is banned in public in Saudi Arabia, which enforces a strict interpretation of Islamic law and morality.

But the spread of Bluetooth technology, allowing wireless connection between mobile phones, has allowed for increased opportunities of communication as well as abuse by predatory young men.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2007/04/25 13:09:51 GMT