Barack Obama Campaign Highlighting Senator Hillary Clinton’s Past Ties to Wal-Mart

Watch this ABC Report on Hilary Clinton and her years of loyal service to Walmart. She now distances herself from the past, but her track record his quite clear.

Hilary Clinton’s Years on the Board of Walmart

With animosity intensifying between the two leading Democratic contenders, the Obama campaign has been highlighting her work with Wal-Mart.

Obama has suggested Clinton was on the board of Wal-Mart as a “corporate lawyer” while he was working on “the streets” as a Chicago community organizer.

“Ronald Reagan was a transformative public figure because he was able to get Democrats to vote against their economic interests to form a majority to push through their agenda, an agenda that I objected to, because while I was working on those streets, watching those folks see their jobs shift overseas, you were a corporate lawyer sitting on the board of Wal-Mart,” Obama said Monday, in their latest debate.

This week the Obama campaign sent reporters opposition research suggesting that Clinton’s “pro-free trade stance [is] linked to Wal-Mart’s China imports” and posted a “factcheck” to it’s website about Clinton and Wal-Mart.

“Wal-Mart indulged in unfettered trade with China: forced labor goods, garments improperly labeled ‘Made In USA,’ smuggled goods that violate import quotas with China and even child labor products,” reads Obama campaign material sent to reporters this week.

“All I know from her tenure on the board of Wal-Mart is what’s been reported. That she didn’t rock the boat, there were no changes for the better for women while she was there, and she didn’t object to Wal-Mart’s policies on labor unions,” Burton said.

“I think that as the facts become apparent on her time on the board, and their time on the board, it gives voters a good look at her record and what she’s done on these issues.”

The Clinton campaign responded Thursday, pointing to Obama’s past ties to indicted Chicago developer Tony Rezko.

“The Obama campaign should be careful about throwing stones from their Rezko-built glass house,” said Clinton spokesman Jay Carson.

ABC News’ Sunlen Miller and Eloise Harper contributed to this report.

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