By Mark Kaufman

mccain campaign logo fast food french fries

In the second installment of the Logo campaign we take a look at the mark of presidential frontrunner, Senator John McCain. Here is the McCain 2008 logo, and below it is the McCain Foods mark. Now I am not the first to say it, but there is a bit of a resemblance between the two. In fact that’s what immediately came to mind, there’s not much John McCain can do short of changing his name and that’s not going to happen. It’s unfortunate that a candidate that has to fight off the perception that he’s too old has to the same name as a frozen food company, but as Donald Rumsfeld once said “…you go to war with the army you have–not the army you might want or wish to have…”

As far as the logo goes I actually like it. As for the typeface I don’t usually like the Optima typeface but I think it suits McCain. It falls somewhere in the netherworld between the usual Bush/Cheney bold, sans serif, manly, Republican typeface and the Kerry/Edwards serif, dainty, progressive typeface. I also like the restrained use of the star, it is reminiscent of a military star or medal, reminding us that the Senator is a true American hero and of his military service without bashing you in the face with it. So far I have only seen the logo on the McCain website and it is only shown in black and white, no red, white and blue, no flags. It fits in well with the overall McCain 2008 brand, the site and the logo are no nonsense, use black and white photos, and a use limited color pallette. So overall a thumbs up from me. It could have been worse. Take a look at the McCain 2000 website here. Even if you are not crazy about the new logo, you must admit that the 2008 brand a vast improvement over the old one.

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