A blow to evangelicals – Jesus Camp Pastor Haggard is Gay

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How ironic that the very person preaching morality to the evangelic masses himself was using drugs and getting serviced my gay male prostitutes?

In one scene of the movie Jesus Camp, Pastor Ted Haggard jokes about how “if you send him $1000 dollars he will not tell your wife what you did last night”. He should have used the advice on himself. This was also the same gay guy that was having weekly teleconferences with President Bush. Wonder what advice he was giving him?

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This is part of the statement from Jesus Camp’s makers on Pastor Haggard;

JESUS CAMP responds to Ted Haggard

As the directors of the film Jesus Camp we feel the need to respond to Pastor Ted Haggard’s comments on our documentary. As a co-directing team, we embark on each new project with two qualities: a healthy amount of curiosity—we’ll be living and breathing the subject for over a year—and with the utmost respect for our subjects. We make films to not just simply entertain, but as a way to learn about the myriad different lifestyles that together form the human experience. We see making non-fiction films as a way for our viewers and ourselves to connect with others.

When we heard that that Pastor Haggard has described us as having an “agenda” we were alarmed. Of course, there are plenty of filmmakers that do make films with a political or personal agenda, but our conscience is clear that we aren’t among them. We filmed with an open-mind and with a beginner’s eye (neither of us are Evangelicals) that allowed the story to emerge in a natural way.

As for accusing us of portraying our protagonists (people whom we’ve grown close to over the past year) “sinister,” this is a disturbing charge. Perhaps Pastor Haggard is projecting his own point of view on the film’s characters, as we absolutely do not see them as such, and went out of our way too make sure that they were shown in a human, three-dimensional light. The children come across as kind, passionate and intelligent. Pastor Becky Fischer is a very likeable and real person, both on and off the screen.

Pastor Haggard is the only person in Jesus Camp who has a problem with how he was portrayed, and with the film as a whole. All the others in the movie feel it is accurate and fair and are excited about people seeing it. The subjects in the film very much identify themselves as part of the Evangelical family and are hurt and stung by Pastor Haggard’s wholesale and somewhat venomous rejection of them and the film. While they do identify themselves as Charismatics and Pentecostals, they feel (and we agree) that they have much more in common with the greater Evangelical movement—their morals, values, and political beliefs—than they have differences. For Pastor Haggard to marginalize and dismiss them by labeling them a “sub-group” seems unfair, mean spirited and unproductive.

Read the full text here

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Benny Hinn and other Comedians

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Text and Sound Files taken from Clay Loomis’ Oddities Wav Page

The Photos are my own addition. Listen and Enjoy!

A lot of strange stuff has happened in the world. William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy tried to sing. Jerry Falwell & Pat Robertson think feminists caused the 9/11 tragedy. Some people do very strange things with gerbils, and pay the price. Here you’ll hear about those things and other audio oddities.

Sounds are password protected. Enter the following for access-

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I didn’t digitally fiddle with any of these clips. These people do their own fiddling- with other folks wallets.

There’s this guy named Benny Hinn running a little God sideshow called the Benny Hinn Ministries. Benny whacks people on the head, which cures their cancer and makes their missing limbs grow back. Nice guy. Apparently, lots of people buy that shit too, because they give him a lot of money for that show. Here, Benny explains how he’d like to pop a cap in someone’s ass.
God’s machine gun 32k

benny hinn

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On December 31st, 1989, Benny did some prognostication for the upcoming 1990’s. OOPS!

The Spirit tells Benny-boy that Fidel Castro will die. Swing-and-a-miss, strike one 66k

The Lord tells Benny that in ’94 or ’95 (Apparently, The Lord was kind of vague)
the entire homosexual community in America will be destroyed.

Swing-and-a-miss, strike two 132k

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His wife Suzanne takes the stage and does her act as well. A serious nut-job in her own right, Mrs. Hinn actually said this onstage in front of a huge congregation, and it went out over the airwaves to Hinntites everywhere. The video of this instance of insanity is freely available on the Web. She sounds winded, but it’s only because she’s worn herself out walking back and forth. At the end of all this nonsense she throws herself to the ground and rolls around like she has rabies or something, which, for all I know, she does (it would explain a lot). If anyone is offended by this file, don’t blame me. Talk to the con artists at the Benny Hinn Ministries.
Colonics for Christ 222k

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Jerry Falwell & Pat Robertson blame the 9/11 attacks on the ACLU, feminists, and other Americans. 115k Gee, and all this time I’ve been blaming Muslim terrorists.

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On Monday, 9/22/05, Pat Robertson announced on his nutbag religious show, The 700 Club, that the United States should send in covert operatives and assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. After a huge international uproar, Pat announced on his Wednesday show that his words had been taken out of context and that he never said anything of the kind. YES HE DID! Here is the audio from his Monday show. You tell me, does this sound out of context to you? Of course, assassinating foreign leaders is against U.S. law, but Pat goes on to say that killing Chavez shouldn’t effect shipments of oil from Venezuela. Well, I guess that makes it O.K. for Pat, but I wonder what version of the Bible he’s been smoking.

I find it very disturbing that someone who vents his conservative political agenda so openly can gain tax-free status as well by presenting himself as a man of God. He’s just Rush Limbaugh with a Bible in his pocket. What’s truly frightening is that thousands of stupid Americans listen to and believe this shithead.
If God does exist, Pat Robertson will go straight to Hell! 197k

Jerry Falwell & Pat Robertson
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I love this one. This is a clip featuring Pastor Arnold Murray, of the Shepherd’s Chapel church. During the broadcast, someone obviously arrives off camera and yells “Blasphemy!” Sounds of a struggle can be heard as well. Pastor Arnold brings his finger across his throat to try and cut taping, but before they can cut away, the good pastor whips open his briefcase, pulls out a pistol and……… Well, just give a listen.
No cheek turning here. This is pure Old Testament stuff. Don’t ask me what happened to the boy. This clip goes right up to the end of the broadcast and I know nothing of what happened afterward. The Pastor’s packing heat! 46k

Pastor Arnold Murray

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This is Dr. Fred Price preaching at the Ever Increasing Faith Ministries in California. Here he explains how good Christian kids should deal with drug dealers in their neighborhoods.
Smash their heads with a brick 39k Kids, if you want to live very long, don’t actually try this.

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